Dating profiles from a girl’s point of view

less talking, more writing.

I wanted to meet my husband at the farmers market reaching for the same orange heirloom tomato. But I didn’t. I think that only happens in independent films based in Oregon. Though I tried. I wore my linen skirts, sundresses and carried the world’s cutest basket bag with leather straps. I filled it with fragrant flowers and waited in line for the freshly made crepes. I thought for sure, any minute the man of my dreams would be there asking me what I thought about cooking with the various kinds of mushrooms and I would proceed to tell him about my risotto. The cheese guy and the guys that sold the strawberry rhubarb jam and blueberries were hot on my trail so I knew I was on to something. In fact, I had a full out cheese cave dream about the cheese guy and I but I’m pretty sure he…

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