Professional Beauty Tips from the Key Make-up Artist and Hairstylist of Dating Savannah Love


(Pictured: (L) Key Make-up Artist Taryn Janeane and (R) Key Hairstylist Crystal Givens of Dating Savannah Love)

Beauty Tips from Taryn Janeane:

As a professional Makeup Artist specializing in film, print advertising, editorial, runway, bridal and special events it is always important for me to keep up with current trends in day to day and evening looks. As Key Makeup Artist on the set of Dating Savannah Love I get to put my creativity and love for makeup together in creating a look that suits both Savannahs roles as a corporate go getter and that sexy vixen trying to catch a break in love.

Here is a simple way to have your makeup ready for work and that spontaneous night out on the town after work.

◆◆◆QUICK Tip◆◆◆
It is easiest to build on a makeup color than to remove and start over. Keeping your eye shadow light allows you to build on it and darken it up for your evening out. Also, adding some winged liner to your top lid makes for a very sultry look. Two coats of mascara and a nice curl will keep your eyes looking bold and beautiful but if you want a very dramatic look keeping a pair of your favorite false lashes in your purse for your night out is always encouraged. Now your ready to hit the town!!!

Written by Taryn Janeane – Key Make-Up Artist #TeamDSL

Customizing that perfect hairstyle to go with that special look is always important here’s a look at what Key Hairstylist Crystal Givens has to say about her role on set of Dating Savannah Love.

Beauty Tips from Crystal Givens:

My job as a professional hairstylist specializing in healthy hair, extensions and wig making in the salon and entertainment industry may seem challenging to the everyday woman. While working on the set of “Dating Savannah Love”, as Key Hairstylist, I had the pleasure of utilizing such simple tricks to take Savannah (played by Donna Cerise) from Corporate Sleek to Sexy Chic!

Here are some quick tips that will keep that busy woman on the go ready for an impromptu night on the town!

1) Your Best Friend the Bobby Pin:
Keep a stash of about 5 bobby pins in your make up bag! You can create a whole new hairdo with a simple twist of your fringe(bangs) pinned to the side or a sexy side sweep exposing your “good side” for selfies and such 😉


2) Can’t go wrong with a Chignon:
Start with a simple ponytail in your desired position. Either twist or braid your mane and insert a couple of bobby pins to hold it all together. Don’t stress out on making it ballerina perfect. A few strands left loose gives your look a little “edginess”

3) Curls in minutes! Get sexy volumous curls in minutes with hot rollers. Use a little  holding spray and Pop a couple of hot rollers in the crown of your hair the the sections framing your face. Let those curls set in minutes while applying your make up. Take them out in about 10 minutes or so then Voila! Curls like you just left the salon!

4) Last but not least HAIR ACCESSORIES! Play your look up (or down) with a simple headband or two, a set of blinged out bobby pins or barrette or uniquely decorated elastic ponytail holder, ALL of which are inexpensive options that can be found at your local drug store or beauty supply!
Remember, don’t stress and Have fun playing with your mane!

Written by Crystal Givens – Key Hairstylist #TeamDSL


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