Dating Tips for Women: What are men attracted to?

All the single ladies! Check out this video “Dating Tips for Women: What Are Men Attracted to?”:

Ladies, do you agree with Tripp from Tripp Advice? Men, is he right?


4 thoughts on “Dating Tips for Women: What are men attracted to?

  1. I’m sure he’s right to some extent. He’s definitely right for at least some percentage of men. But by and large, what people are attracted to differs so much from person to person that I think it can actually work against you to follow things like this. Or any list that claims if you follow these steps you’ll get a date or a relationship. People are complex creatures and can’t really be distilled down to archetypes and what not.

    • Thanks for the comment Ryan! Yes, totally agree. Every person is different so it would all be based on the individuals needs and wants. Thought this video was interesting and had some great points so wanted to share to see what others thought.

    • Agree! Men are first attracted to the physical aspects; In addition, brains and beauty are the meat and potatoes. The sense of humor part seems to be the fun part of the relationship. Thanks for your comment!

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